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VisionServe Alliance is a membership organization that works to engage leaders in building a better world through services to people with vision loss.



Vanda Pharmaceuticals has been a great partner to VisionServe since sponsoring our meeting in Wichita in 2011. I  first leanered in November last year that Vanda was launching a new radio campaign and for every person who signed up to receive information, they would donate $24 to a fund that would be equally shared by VisionServe, ACB, NFB, AFB, and BVA. Truthfully, I had forgotten all about it until a check arrived this week in the amount of $6,345! I encourage you, and your family, friends, Board and staff to sign up for Vanda’s Non-24 Share More Campaign by calling 1-855-856-2424 or at www.non-24.com/sign-up.php.



Eying Success

tipofweek "We have $500 stipends for your interns.  Contact the VisionServe Alliance office for more details on this great benefit.."     --Roxann Mayros

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  • Spring, 2014 Executive Conference
    April 23-26, 2014
    Louisville, Kentucky

  • Fall, 2014 Executive Conference
    November 5-8, 2014
    Orlando, Florida

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    Member Spotlight

    Elly du Pre', Executive Director, Lighthouse of Broward, a non-profit providing specialized rehabilitation and collaborative healthcare solutions.

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  • bjohnson

    Member Spotlight

    Jim Phipps, Executive Director, The Iris Network, a non-profit helping people who are visually impaired or blind attain independence and community integration.

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  • Miki Jordan

    Member Spotlight

    Miki Jordan,  President and CEO, Junior Blind of America, a non-profit helping children and adults who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled achieve independence

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  • bjohnson

    Member Spotlight

    Bill Johnson, CEO, Arkansas Lighthouse for the Blind, a non-profit employing workers who are blind and visually impaired to help manufacture diverse products and provide valuable business services.

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  • Member Spotlight

    David Ekin, President, St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a non-profit that enhances the independence of persons blind or visually impaired and empowers them to enjoy quality lives.

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New Low Vision Focus @ Hadley
Building on its 94-year history of serving those with vision loss, The Hadley School for the Blind is pleased to announce a new Low Vision Focus. The goal is to help adults new to low vision live independently with their vision loss. This new distance education program, includes 13 free audio recordings on CD and online. The recordings provide simple techniques to help with daily tasks such as cooking, managing medications, eating out, doing laundry, using the telephone and more. For more information and to register, visit www.LowVisionFocus.org or call toll-free: 855-830-8355.

This is our third Compensation and Benefits Survey. We are the only organization in the field tracking salaries. Please begin the survey here.